Hey! I'm Kiara, the owner of KD FIT. I studied personal training strength and conditioning at Setanta College, it was the best decision I've ever made! My motivation and love for training continues to grow as I help women create a healthier happier lifestyle.


Kiara Donegan




On weeks where my motivation was low, Kiara was always there to support me offering constant advice and encouragement to keep going. It was a huge learning curve nutrition wise as I learnt what i should be eating each day while still enjoying chocolate and treats, I’ve never been so full! The workouts were challenging but as the weeks went on, I could see my own progress by adding extra sets when needed. I really enjoyed the weekly challenges because they were short but a burner! As it was my first time ever signing up for anything like this I didn’t know what to expect but after the changes I felt and seen in myself with the coaching from Kiara over the 8 weeks, I would recommend anyone to sign up!


Before starting the 8 week challenge with Kiara, I didn't feel great about my body and in lockdown being back at home, I was snacking a lot and eating the wrong kind of foods. I wanted to challenge myself and to feel better within my own body and Kiara definitely helped me through those 8 weeks and beyond. I've learnt so much about marcos and keeping within a calorie deficit. The weekly check-ins helped me for accountability and we were able to adjust any issues or concerns along the way. Workouts were amazing!! Kiara pushed me and I felt like I had a gym buddy while watching her videos. after the 8 weeks I continued with her for a further 2 check-ins and I have taken away so much knowledge and awareness of fitness. I'm in a much better state of mind and Kiara is a big part of that.


I’d 100% rate the full experience a 10/10 and amazing value for money! Overall the 8 weeks helped me to form a completely new mindset towards health and fitness. Kiara really helped to make the challenge adjust into your lifestyle by creating small, sustainable changes into your routine to make you feel and look your best!


Honestly my relationship with food has flipped in these 6 weeks you've given me the tools to live life the way I've always wanted to, I'm literally living my best life❤❤ I've finally found the formula and way of coaching that suits me and it's all thanks to you for being such a patient, kind and supportive coach, like it honestly doesn't feel like coaching it feels like talking to a friend and that's the difference which makes this so enjoyable, Kiara you're one in a million🤗


Kiara was the perfect coach over the 8 weeks, There was constant support and any questions I had were always answered. I learned so much about nutrition and realised I didn’t have to give up everything to loose weight and be happy. Kiara incorporated treats and made it a realistic lifestyle change not a diet. Previously I was on fad diets and cutting out treats or carbs and not seeing any results because that’s just not sustainable 😊 it’s so important to take pictures of your progress because some weeks the scales read different for different reasons and Kiara explained why this can happen and made me realise that from week to week my body was changing so much. With kiara’s help I gained confidence back again and a better understanding of food and exercise and it became enjoyable not a chore ❤️ couldn’t recommend Kiara enough 💪🏽




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