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Hey! I'm Kiara, the owner of KD FIT. I studied personal training strength and conditioning at Setanta College, it was the best decision I've ever made! My motivation and love for training continues to grow as I help women create a healthier happier lifestyle.


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.So I would definitely rate your coaching 5/5, and there are many reasons for this. Your realness, your level of expectation for new beginners, your attitude to helping each and every single person who signs up, your commitment and your friendliness. 2. This programme is what I expected and more. I always read up on things. I’d look at reviews and feedback, and mainly because I have tried so many different approaches to fitness and health kicks, diets, fad diets, you name it and I tried it. So this was the first thing that caught my attention that I thought, hang on a minute, this seems REAL. And so do-able! I could not have been happier when I realised that’s exactly what it was. It’s a real, manageable, challenging yet amazing approach to a life anyone could maintain! 3. I’ve already recommended to anyone I’ve spoken to. I’ve been told by so many that I’ve never looked happier and healthier. They’ve asked what I’ve been doing. And when I’ve told them, they can’t believe I’ve gotten to where I am while LIVING. I’m eating chocolate, I’m eating foods I love. They couldn’t believe it. I can’t recommend it enough to be honest 🙌🏽 4. I definitely started off in the exact direction I wanted. My only regret is not signing up sooner. I kept putting it off because I wasn’t necessarily in a great mind frame. But I’m nowhere near done. I feel I’ve only started where I want to get so I’ll definitely be back. 5. Communication couldn’t have been better. The video responses to your weekly check ins were amazing. Probably my favourite part. Anyone can get distracted reading, or can zone out. But you took the time to individually speak to each of us on our weekly ups and downs. Always giving advice, personal advice and broader advice. Just really impressed all round. 6. The level of content was perfect. I felt I had every answer I needed to any questions I had. I didn’t feel overwhelmed at any stage because you spread the initial content out. The workouts were the PERFECT time length. The recipes were amazing and I always watched out for the new recipes you added - even the deserts!!! 7. Absolutely. As I said, I’m only just beginning. 8. Your system was great. I’m out the door first thing in the morning and not home till evening, so the fact I could save every live workout and do it at my own time was the winner! Life throws enough stress at you on a daily basis, so the fact I was able to do a lifestyle reset but not have the added stress of having to be somewhere at a certain time was amazing!!! 9. Overall, my past 6 weeks have been great. I had challenging days, and days where I came home from work and just hit a slump and didn’t have any push in me. But I felt I wanted to do myself and you proud so I always managed to find that motivation and got through each workout, because I always always felt amazing afterward. I’ve never felt better in myself. In a long long time and that’s with not even being where I want to be weight and fitness wise. But I lost just under a stone on your programme. I lost inches, I feel happier in my clothes. I’m sleeping better, I have energy. I never thought in a million years I could eat like I am, exercise as I am and still lose weight and tone. Incredible. I always had issues and bad relationships with food. Since I was 13. You’ve changed so much for me in ways you won’t even know. Kiara there aren’t enough words really. I’ve my sisters wedding to enjoy now, and I’ll feel a million times more comfortable standing up there beside her and it’s all thanks to you. I can’t wait to return and continue on my new lifestyle! Thank you,


Coaching was 5/5. The program was so much better than I ever expected. Your training style was so kind and supportive and you were so adaptable to everyone’s individual needs and goals. I have never had a trainer before so I expected a more judgemental approach to helping us achieve our goals but it wasn’t like that at all, I was able to improve at my own pace and you just helped figure out what worked for me and I feel so happy now going forward that I’ve developed a healthier relationship with food and exercise. I also think that your focus on mindset was really great and not something that I think most trainers would value as much. It’s a great way to kickstart a new lifestyle and Kiara will ensure that it works for you and fits into your schedule. I’ve gained so much more than I expected to. I feel so much more positive and motivated.


Well well well where do I start. I’m the typical girl that wanted to loose weight and always gave it a stab for a week or 2 and got bored and back to my typical eating crap and doing very little movement 🤣 and expected result . Well it never worked ! I would never say it lightly but kiara is the best in business I have done other pt and coaches and it never work because it was too restrictive I was afraid to tell them truth if I had a bar or an extra spud 🤣🤣 but kiara is a girl after my own heart and loves the grub as you will I know if you ever decide to make the plunge into the best journey you will ever have . I cant recommend kiara enough . I loved every minute of my experience with her even down to the hard ones . I have gained so much knowledge and confidence over last 10 weeks . I’m so much happier and healthy in my body still had all my treats maybe even some weeks an extra one or 2 but I always made progress and was always supported even on a bad week . There is noting more I think can be added to kiara’s coaching ! as she actually cares about you and wants see results for you. Not just take your Money and (Half arse it)her words🤣sometimes you need a break even when you don’t no it but she will ❤️ Over the last 10 weeks my body has complete changed I’m at a weight I never though I would see but ya know something that I learned which was the best thing you can learn is the scales doesn’t matter it’s how you feel about YOU👊🏻. I had very little upper body strength and now this bitch got guns 🤣 I hate upper body at that start and now it’s my favourite thing to do . I just had to work for it . I have lost a whole dress size and a lot of stress about how I felt or looked.. it not only a physical journey that kiara provides it’s mental and physical which I have never seen a coach provide before .🏋️🏋️ I never stuck to it because it was always a chore for me but I complete it and loved every minute as kiara never made it feel that way. I have decide to stick with kiara and continue on the journey yes I have lost the weight I wanted and I thought that was going to be enough but it isn’t I wanna learn and grow and build both physically and personally . And I couldn’t pick someone better to do it with than KDFiT 🥳🥳 Kiara I can’t thank you enough for all you have done 👼🏻 Let’s see what the next journey brings I’m excited 🏋️


I have learned so much from you and it has completely changed my mindset and the way I look at my body. In the past I would have dieted and used ridiculous diets to get me quick results which meant I avoided all of the foods I loved as I believed they were ‘bad for me’. However , after completing this lifestyle reset I have learned how to incorporate the foods I love into my diet while still seeing results. I am so so happy with my results so far and I know this is only the beginning , because of you I have managed to loose the mindset of getting quick results and instead think of the long term benefits. I am really starting to see a change in my body and it’s true what they say, slow and steady wins the race! I cannot thank you enough, your workouts have been incredible and so motivating! Having them recorded and being able to look back on them at any stage was so helpful and it really made them easier. I’m listening to you in the lives and listening to your motivational chats we’re also really helpful and you reminded me during each workout exactly why I was doing this programme. From your food shops to your weekly videos on your Facebook page you made sure we had all the necessary support and guidance which is what made this programme extremely beneficial. The level of interaction and support you offered was incredible and I really enjoyed this. I am really looking forward to working with you again and I am so excited to continue on with your workouts. I will definitely be recommending your programmes to my friends and I wish you all the success, you deserve it!


I have to say I have enjoyed every single part of this lifestyle reset! I love how the calories and macros are personalised without it I wouldn’t know what to be doing! I have gained so much knowledge into having a healthier lifestyle and my mentality is so much better. I never joined this to lose weight I joined it to tone up but oh my god I never taught my results would be so noticeable 😭❤️ My relationship with food is so much better, I love including the foods I love even the treats and still being able to maintain that healthy standard in my diet without feeling guilty or sluggish Kiara you are so good at what you do the workouts, everything! I couldn’t have done it without your help and support you very good to all of us! I would 110% recommend to friend !! I can not wait to start another 10 weeks and keep progressing forward with it all.


Before starting the 8 week challenge with Kiara, I didn't feel great about my body and in lockdown being back at home, I was snacking a lot and eating the wrong kind of foods. I wanted to challenge myself and to feel better within my own body and Kiara definitely helped me through those 8 weeks and beyond. I've learnt so much about marcos and keeping within a calorie deficit. The weekly check-ins helped me for accountability and we were able to adjust any issues or concerns along the way. Workouts were amazing!! Kiara pushed me and I felt like I had a gym buddy while watching her videos. after the 8 weeks I continued with her for a further 2 check-ins and I have taken away so much knowledge and awareness of fitness. I'm in a much better state of mind and Kiara is a big part of that.


I have gained a lot from this programme. I have learned so much about food and how to enjoy being on a diet rather and incorporating all my treats and eating good food. It really has showed me that you can eat all the foods you love if you do it right and in good moderation. I’ve also gained so much motivation from this, by doing this it makes me want to continue the journey and keep going to improve myself and become fitter and healthier. So I have gained and learned so much from this. I’m definitely on track to getting the results I want or to reach my goal. It has definitely helped started the process. It definitely has helped in terms of reaching the result of feeling better about myself and I can see results from the pictures. I really did enjoy the programme, it was so motivating and educational and it was definitely worth doing. Doing the live workouts definitely help as you keep everyone to motivated and make me want to work out and better myself. I am definitely happy I done it, I am so much wiser about everything and feel so much better in myself for doing it. It wasn’t what I expected in terms of workouts and check ins. I prefer your way a lot better, I think I was expecting workouts to be just given and not recorded live and even the check ins didn’t think they would be as encouraging so it is a lot better than I expected. I would 100% recommend to a friend, it is definitely worth investing and putting the time into the programme because it clearly does work and there’s no crazy diets or ridiculously hard exercises, everything is achievable and it’s an enjoyable journey. I like the the videos you do put up they’re great for Information and definitely help along the way. I also love the live workout system it definitely is more motivating than just reading it off the screen. Can’t say there is anything I dislike about it, I don’t think I could fault it. If there’s anything to change I would say if there was a way to tell me why I’m on 110g protein, carbs, fats, etc. So that when I do go out on my own I know why I need to hit a certain amount of each and when I should go up or go down if that’s a possibility. The other thing with the gym it can be hard to hear you sometimes with the music being so loud. Obviously I know it has to be loud to an extent but sometimes it is very hard to hear with the music. They’re just my suggestions. In the next one, love the videos and maybe more of what you eat in a day or even more basic kind of recipes that are good nutrition but also quick and easy to make.


I have gained the self belief and confidence to be able to eat the things I want in a healthy way. I have gained a whole new perspective on my mindset and how I view myself. Most importantly I gained love for myself. I learned how nutrition and exercise work for me also what I need to do to keep myself in this healthy lifestyle. Yes I proved a lot to myself that it’s ok to miss some workouts and not feel guilty, I came out with a totally different view on exercise and nutrition and not feeling that guilt I would have normally felt in times I couldn’t get a workout done. - Yes! You’re the coach that got me to where I am physically and mentally, you never judge or intimidate me and always made me feel supported, confident and safe in you’re hands. - I love the lives they give me the environment of being in a workout class and take the pressure out of working out, I find sometimes I over think working out but when I’m doing the lives it’s like we’re just having a chat in between sets and I find myself just doing the live and smashing it alongside you!


Kiara was the perfect coach over the 8 weeks, There was constant support and any questions I had were always answered. I learned so much about nutrition and realised I didn’t have to give up everything to loose weight and be happy. Kiara incorporated treats and made it a realistic lifestyle change not a diet. Previously I was on fad diets and cutting out treats or carbs and not seeing any results because that’s just not sustainable 😊 it’s so important to take pictures of your progress because some weeks the scales read different for different reasons and Kiara explained why this can happen and made me realise that from week to week my body was changing so much. With kiara’s help I gained confidence back again and a better understanding of food and exercise and it became enjoyable not a chore ❤️ couldn’t recommend Kiara enough 💪🏽




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