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Let’s make sure you’re not overlooking some of the most important things when it comes to achieving your goals!


As you’ve probably already heard me speak about 1000 times already if you’re one of my clients, Your nutrition is the most important thing. It’s always number one! But the thing I want to talk about is, Are you thinking about the quality of your food? or are you just thinking about calories and macros and are you in the mindset of – If it fits my calories it will be fine? Yes technically if it does fit into your calories you should be good to go but the type of food you eat and the quality really does matter. now I want you to think about the types of food you’re having. Is it mainly snacks that are taking up your calories or are you having whole meals? Are you eating any type of fruit or veg? Are your meals overly processed? now don’t get me wrong of course you can incorporate snacks and chocolate into the day, it’s important to feed your soul also. but the quality of your main meals will have an effect on everything for example hormones, energy, sleep, recovery and fullness.


 Training/ Progressive overload:

When you’re training are you just going through the motions? are you just trying to get through the workout and not being fully concentrated on what you’re doing? Are you taking notes and recording you’re sets and reps? Are you being conscious of your form in each exercise?

It’s very easy to go into your workout and not really think about what you’re actually doing and why you’re actually doing it. It’s very important that you go into your session fully concentrated and that you know what you want out of the session. For example, make sure you’re conscious of your form and always looking to improve on your form and also that your tracking your sets and reps in every session, Think about it- If you keep lifting the same weight every week do you think that you will keep making progress? no, it won’t happen. Progressive overload is very important even if it’s small each week its still progress.



I talk about habits a lot because they matter! Your daily habits and each small decision you make throughout the day have an impact on you. Are your daily habits in line with what you want? Are you doing things every day that are going to get you closer to the goal? or the lifestyle change you want? It’s not easy to change your habits and trying to incorporate new ones takes time so don’t beat yourself up if you feel like you can’t do it the main thing is that you’re trying. Think about it the habits that you’re trying to change weren’t created overnight so the new ones won’t stick overnight also. stay consistent tomorrow is always a new day to try again and take each day as it comes.














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