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Did you have the new year new me mindset in January? did you bog yourself down with a list the length of both your arms with tasks to do each day and left yourself feeling very overwhelmed?

Did this mindset only last a few weeks? and now you feel like you’ve let yourself down?

Well, let me tell you, No you haven’t! you just had the wrong mindset about it and you just were left feeling overwhelmed! SO PLEASE DON’T BEAT YOURSELF UP!

Here are a few steps that will help you get back

  • Increase fruit & veg intake on a daily basis. Why? Loading your gut with alcohol, processed food (pizza, desserts, cheese boards, etc!) can slow down digestion and leave you with slow bowels, heartburn & constipation. As well as that, most ‘weekend’ foods aren’t high in micronutrients. Let’s increase fiber intake & micronutrients by adding more veg and fruit to my diet every day this week.
  • Water increase. Why? Very often water is replaced with alcohol when we’re on our ‘downtime’ which leaves us feeling dehydrated, tired, and contributes to dry skin/hair, plus not feeling ‘full’. I’m aiming for 3L+ this week to help flush toxins out, feel energetic & hydrated, and stay fuller for longer
  • Schedule 4 sessions minimum and PAY for them. Why? It’s so easy to let things slide. Health (and what that looks like to me) is my number 1 value. Not only do I love it, but it makes me feel fantastic. Schedule in your sessions – what you’re going to do and WHEN. I’ve booked 4 BODY PUMP classes and 2 gym sessions this week and I can’t wait for a good sweat!
  • Plan your meals (roughly). I’m not tracking but I do know what I’m going to make this week (along with 1 protein shake a day). Fajitas, shakshuka, bolognaise & stew are on the menu this week. Having a plan will help you from ordering takeaway and reaching for junk. Any meal prep or dinner can be used for lunches the next day!
  • Plan walks/steps/hikes if there’s any promise of good weather. Back to walking everywhere for me and upping those steps!


If you have any questions about anything above please let me know! I hope this helped x















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