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Where to get started on your goals?


Let’s start by talking about what you want to achieve.

Break this down, Where do you see yourself in the next 3 months? in the next 6 months? I find it really helpful to break your goals down into short periods of time to make them more achievable and to know what you’re going to dedicate that time too.

I know you want to achieve a lot of physical goals when joining this program and that’s great! But to achieve your goals I think it’s so much more than that. How would you like to feel? mentally? what type of mindset would you like to have? do you want to have a different outlook?


What are you doing?

In order to achieve your goals we have to take action. But are you taking action on the right things?

Foe example are we working on things mentally, physically, nutrition, mindset. In order to help us reach are goals in every way.

Yes usually the first thing we think we have to work on is exercise and our nutrition which is very important. But 90% of the time we dont look at working on our mindset and bio feed back.

A few things i like to prioristise to help me with my mindset and bio feedback.

-Getting enough sleep

-fresh air/ daylight exsposer



-self care

Now i want you to think about how does each one of these look for you? Can any area be worked on? What do you think needs to be prioritised to help you reach your goals?












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