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How can we improve body image?


Let’s start by talking about what is NOT a positive body image

-Only appreciating one’s appearance

-Narcissism or vanity

-Aided by complements of others

-Positively associated with dieting

-Always engaging in altering methods


What is a POSITIVE body image?

-Body appreciation

-Body image flexibility

-Body functionality

-Inner positivity


Now that we know the difference between both what can we start to do to improve our current body image?

Practising body functionality– This means being aware of what your body does for you

Practising body appreciation This means appreciating and having gratitude towards your body

Another thing that we can practise on creating more of is body image flexibility! what does this mean?

This is the ability to accept and experience both positive and negative thought, beliefs and feelings about ones body. this can improve

-Higher quality of life

-Improved mental health

-Lower risk of eating disorders


Here’s a technique we can use to improve body image flexibility¬†-BOLD¬†

B– breath (take a moment to breath when you’re having bad thoughts)

O-observe (observe your thoughts)

L-listen to your values (remind yourself what’s important to you)

D-decide on actions (what are you going to do to move on from this situation, what’s your actions going forward?)




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