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Managing stress


Identify your stressors. Half of the problem is that people don’t realise  what’s bothering them or what’s stressing them. If we can recognize what’s upsetting you this is the key to protecting you from stress before it strikes. For example, we have chronic stress and acute stress. Chronic stress might be stress from work for example your boss. Acute stress might be a lifestyle change for example moving house. The difference between them is acute stress has an end date but chronic we can’t see it going away anytime soon.

You need to become aware of how you respond to your stressors that can cause strain and tension in your life. When we are aware of it and notice the signs this means we can prepare and this allows you to shift your focus to something else, you being in control.


What can we do to help?


Prioritize your sleep! You have probably heard me say this 10,000 times but it’s so important that we prioritize our sleep and get a good rest. Our bodies recover at night and many of us think we get a good night’s sleep when in fact it could be better which will result in you feeling better and performing better the next day. Make sure you have a good night time routine in place and a pre-bed checklist can help. Some things you could do before bed to get your body ready for rest:

-Turn off your phone 90 minutes before you sleep

-Blue light blocking glasses on at night

-Light reading before bed

-Mediation for 10 minutes (Listening to the headspace app while you fall asleep)

-Don’t drink caffeine 8 hours before bed

-Camomile tea before bed

-Having a nice hot shower or bath

Share your stress. It’s always good to talk to someone who you feel comfortable with and who you trust. Keeping things bottled up inside can be damaging so it’s good to talk.


Make sure you’re getting enough daylight exposer. Many people aren’t aware that they don’t get enough daylight exposer and fresh air. If you feel overwhelmed make sure to get at least 1-hour daylight exposer and fresh air every day this can have a positive effect on our stress and anxiety getting out and clearing your head.


Journaling is also a really good way of managing stress and anxiety. At the end of each day writing out how your day went, what bothered you can help with getting it off your chest.

Affrimations and gratitude:

Every morning when you wake up write 5 things that you are grateful for and also write 3 positive affirmations about yourself. Putting your mind in a state of gratitude is a positive way to start the day and feeling grateful makes you feel happy.

We all talk negatively about ourselves but it’s so important that we stop this! Your body listens to what you’re telling it. Every morning writing out 3 positive affirmations about yourself can have a positive effect on the way you view yourself which will boost your confidence. It takes time and it’s not something that changes overnight but stay consistent with it! You need to block out that negative voice in your head and create a more positive one because if you can’t love yourself then how can you love anyone else?








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