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When we think about what could be getting in the way of us becoming the best versions of ourselves it can be so many different things! But from what I see week to week it usually can be routine, food, sleep or habits and when we feel that something is getting in our way or holding us back it can cause our stress levels to rise and leave us feeling deflated. When we think deflated or disheartened it then causes us to feel like we will never get to where we want to be (never achieving our goals) from this we get caught in a cycle of not actually looking at the small things day to day that could be leaving us feeling this way but we tend to put ourselves down and think I can’t do It! It’s never going to work.









Again it could be many more different things that could be affecting your stress or your goals but these main points above can fall under many different things which we will talk about.


In this talk, we will chat about how we can resolve any issues that you feel you might be facing with your day-to-day and getting to where you want to be and how this can tie in with managing stress better.














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