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What are non-negotiables?


Non-negotiables are the things that you should be prioritising every day to achieve your goals

What do you need to be doing every day to get to your goals? what are the little habits every day that are important to implement to help you get to those goals and help you feel better, help your body, and help you have a better mindset?


Some of my non-negotiables:

-Daylight exposure: 1 hour






Now I’m not saying that you have to incorporate all of this into every single day of your life. that’s not realistic. Think of the 80/20 rule. If you prioritise the small things that are important to you and help you show up for yourself and your goals 80% of the time it’s going to add up in the long term and help you become the person you want to be. Life is for living so don’t be hard on yourself if there’s a weekend or a day that you don’t or can’t prioritise these things. Balance is also important, and is key to having sustainability and creating the lifestyle you want in the long term.














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