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Why is Fatloss so complicated?


To lose body fat, we need to create an energy deficit – less food, more movement (or a combination of both).

The problem is, that there are so many other variables that impact this equation – hunger, appetite, hormones, sleep, stress, digestion, free time etc.


There is also influences like social situations, peer pressure, drinking, and diet culture.


However, the issue isn’t with anything I’ve listed above, the issue is the METHOD you use to try and implement what you need to create that energy deficit – removing carbs, removing alcohol, saying no to parties, trying to do 20k steps + 6 training sessions a week, restricting treats like chocolates cakes, even a meal out on the weekend.


THIS is why it’s so complicated, because you try to implement a strategy that is proven to fail. It’s the lack of consistency and the yo-yo-ing that causes you to lose the weight, gain it back, lose it, then gain it again (+ more).


To make Fatloss LESS complicated, you need to create a strategy that is is to stick to (i.e. adherence and consistency)AND enjoy it so that it doesn’t seem like such a big effort. I know it seems so impossible, but if you haven’t tried this way yet – now is your time.


What restrictions have you put on yourself with regards to food, eating, socialising, exercising, and thinking when it comes to a Fatloss or dieting phase?




















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